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Restu Taufik Akbar

Restu Taufik Akbar (B. 1990, Bandung) completed his painting education at the Faculty of Arts and Design ITB in 2015 with the title Summa Cum Laude. Restu works in various mediums such as painting, drawing, video, sculpture, and installation. His adventure in nature-inspired his works with the theme of the relationship between nature, man, and God.

'Lucidity' is the first solo exhibition held in 2015 at the ROH Project Jakarta Gallery. In 2017, Restu had selected as a finalist for the Bandung Contemporary Art Award # 5. In 2018, Restu held his second and third solo exhibition in Bandung, namely at the Orbital Dago Gallery with the title '(IN) MATERIAL TRUTH' and at Hotel DE BRAGA by Artotel with the title 'The Other Hemisphere.'