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Java Script

JavaScript was a solo exhibition by Eddy Susanto, commenced by ArtSociates in collaboration with National Gallery of Indonesia and the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). Presented in this exhibition were Eddy’s works that display a contemporary correlation between the Javanese script and the programming language JavaScript. With the help from Asmudjo Jono Irianto, Dinni Tresnadewi, and Suwarno Wisetrotomo as the curators, Eddy activated text components as a main instrument to his artworks.

The works in this exhibition flaunted a novel distinction to other artworks that use text as their main subjects, where text is usually placed in a conceptual plane. Eddy instead utilized text, in form of Javanese script, as a pictorial asset to compose a variety of images on a two dimensional surface. The configuration of the text referred to the programming language, JavaScript; Eddy saw the resemblance between the programming language and Javanese script in their own respective linguistic mechanisms, between the langue and the parole, though both have different manifestation. On the other hand, the apprehension of the informatics development can be regarded as an illumination, which Eddy translated into images akin to those on the pages of The Holy Bible, fused with Indonesian’s ornaments. Eddy Susanto’s methods implied an attempt to compare two different cultural values, local and global, east and west.